Respect Magazine: Estate Guru Naz Barouti Discusses the Importance of Protecting Yourself in Partnerships (& More)

Naz Barouti, Respect Magazine

Naz Barouti is a woman that wears many hats. She is a lawyer, author, entrepreneur, media commentator, and public speaker. In the past, she has been featured on platforms such as Fox News Radio, Bloomberg TV, USA Today, and Fox 11 News for legal commentary on matters of death, divorce, or criminal prosecution of high-profile figures.

Naz Barouti, Respect Magazine

For 2 years, Naz hosted a weekly radio program called “Protecting Your Family” with Kerri Kasem, the daughter of legendary radio personality Kasey Kasem. Barouti is also a board member for the Kasem Cares Foundation and can currently be heard in Los Angeles on 670 AM’s professional business hour.

Barouti obtained her Political Science degree from UC Berkeley, and she would go on to earn her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul with a focus in Elder Law and Estate Planning. She would finally receive her MBA from the University of Phoenix. Upon graduating with her MBA, she established Barouti Law Corporation in 2011. The company now has five offices in Southern California that specialize in estate planning, retirement planning, wealth management, prenuptial agreements.

Naz does not see herself as just a lawyer, but a legal advocate for women. Her focus is to help women protect their assets before entering a partnership, whether for love or a business relationship.

RESPECT. recently had the pleasure to speak with Naz Barouti about why she feels it is important now more than ever for both men and women to protect their assets. She also talks about other things that she is currently working on, such as a new book and what the Kasam Cares Foundation has in store for 2018... READ MORE